Warren Creates and Jean-Michel Dako Guest Lecture at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law

Warren Creates, Professor Yves Le Bouthillier and Articling Student Jean-Michel Dako

On 15 November 2023, Warren delivered a lecture to the French language Law School class of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. Warren was a guest lecturer of the course given by Professor Yves Le Bouthillier. The topic was: Immigration Économique (Economic Migration). Attached is the presentation slides and a photo of Warren, Professor Le Bouthillier, and Warren’s Articling Student Jean-Michel Dako. The three delivered a very engaging presentation for two hours, during which the law students were taught the federal and provincial programs, the legislation and regulations, the program policy, and just as (or more) important:  the cases, real life examples, and the daily practice — practical tips — of immigration law