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“Defending An Application For Cessation: Protecting Refugee Status In Canada” – 12 February 2024

Warren Creates, Head of Immigration Law Group, and Jean-Michel Dako have written about “Defending An Application For Cessation: Protecting Refugee Status In Canada”

Warren Creates presents ” Philanthropic Tourism: Insights on Social Welfare through Tourism and Hospitality” – 22 November 2023

Warren was invited by Professor Jason W. M. Kelly to present a seminar at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This seminar was titled “Philanthropic Tourism: Insights on Social Welfare through Tourism and Hospitality”.

“Professor-for-a-day” appointed by Hong Kong Polytechnic University – 21 November 2023

As “Professor-for-a-day” appointed by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Warren delivered a 2-hour lecture as case study on the 30-year history, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and economic impacts of the Ottawa Dragon Boat festival.

Guest Lecturer at University of Ottawa – 15 November 2023

Warren delivered a lecture to the Common Law French language Law School class of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. Warren was a guest lecturer of the course given by Professor Yves Le Bouthillier.

Press Conference with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson - 21 October 2015

Warren was an invited guest at a reception and press conference held at the offices of Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.  Two years ago, Warren took part in a Team Ottawa trade mission to China with the mayor and Ottawa business leaders. He spoke about his participation with the Ottawa Citizen:

Discussion on Ontario Provincial Nominee Program – 20 July 2015

Warren attended at the offices of Invest Ottawa for a private session to discuss the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program with the Honourable Michael Chan, Ontario Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade.

Warren hosts President Esmail Ali Siro, President of the Afar Regional (State) government of Ethiopia, at his offices - June 2015

President Ali Siro Esmail, President of the Afar Regional (State) government of Ethiopia, visited Canada for one week to have high-level discussions with the Can-Go Afar Foundation, the Government of Canada, Carleton University, other organizations and stakeholders, and the Afar diaspora in the cities of Ottawa and Toronto.  Warren has been a friend of the State President since 2007.  President Ismail is a very big friend and supporter of the Can-Go Afar Foundation, started in 2007 to empower the Afar People in the Horn of Africa to build a brighter future.  Warren (middle) is seen here with President Esmail (right side) and with Vice-President and co-founder Ahmed Youssef Mohammed (left side).

Warren hosts President Esmail Ali Siro, President of the Afar Regional (State) government of Ethiopia, at his offices on 9 June 2015

Warren Creates Speaks at Africa Festival in Cornwall - June 2015

Warren was a guest speaker at “Africa Festival”, held in Cornwall, Ontario on Saturday 6 June 2015.

Warren was a guest speaker at “Africa Festival”, held in Cornwall, Ontario on Saturday 6 June 2015.  Warren spoke about his many trips to Ethiopia and his volunteer, philanthropic and humanitarian work helping the Afar People in the Horn of Africa.  The event was held to celebrate the rich and cultural diversity of Africa, and to raise funds for the education and living

expenses of Miss Betelhem “Beti” Girma, a delightful and ambitious 19-year old girl from Addis Ababa who is now studying in Canada and who dreams to be a dentist.  The world famous Watoto Children’s Choir (please see photo of Warren, Beta and the choir participants) performed. The motto of the choir is “Rescue, Raise, Rebuild”, a fitting theme for the Cornwall African Festival. We can all help make the world a better place, step-by-step, a little each day. ‎

Warren with Betelhem “Beti” Girma, a 19-year old girl from Addis Abeba who is now studying in Canada and who dreams to be a dentist.

Warren Creates Interviewed on Ottawa’s CHIN Radio - February 2015

Warren discussed recent changes to Canadian immigration policies, including the new Express Entry system for economic immigration, with host Francesco Di Candia. Listen to the Podcast here:

Warren and Jacqueline Present at Commons Institute Seminar – January 2015

Warren and Jacqueline were faculty at the Commons Institute’s ‘Advanced Sessions on Immigration Law‘ webcast program. Warren spoke about Residency Compliance, and Jacqueline’s topic was ‘Legal Considerations Concerning Refugee Claimants‘.

Warren was consulted by CBC News for his perspective on forthcoming changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act and the anticipated impacts. Read the print version of the story here.

Warren was an invited participant and stakeholder at consultations with the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade. Read more about Ontario’s immigration strategy here.

Warren was an invited participant and stakeholder at the Ottawa Economic Leadership Summit. The Summit participants decided that the city and province should develop a clear immigration strategy to attract the most skilled workers from around the world. Read more in the Ottawa Business Journal coverage here.

Can-Go Afar Foundation Mission 2014 – November 2014

Warren leading the Can-Go Afar Foundation's 2014 mission to Ethiopia

Warren, Founder and President of the Can-Go Afar Foundation, led a successful and productive mission to the Afar region of Ethiopia in November 2014.

‘New Exporters to Border States’ Seminar Presentation in Renfrew – September 2014

Warren gave a presentation on immigration law considerations for cross-border businesses at this half-day seminar organized by the Ontario Government, the County of Renfrew’s Economic Development Services, Launch Lab, and the Community Futures Development Corporations for Renfrew County and Valley Heartland. The seminar was designed to provide businesses with a working knowledge of the practical aspects of doing business in the United States.

Warren Creates Meets with Policy Makers in Brussels – August 2014

Warren accompanied his Afar statesman client, Elder Ahmed Youssef Mohamed, to a meeting with senior foreign policy makers of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium, on 28 August 2014. The meeting was held to discuss the mistreatment of the Afar People (an indigenous minority group) in Eritrea and the accompanying refugee crisis.

Warren Creates Presents at Bi-Annual Gathering of the Afar Diaspora in Brussels – August 2014

Warren delivered a speech and paper at the bi-annual gathering of the Afar diaspora held in Brussels, Belgium on 29 August 2014. Warren’s presentation was entitled: “The Role of Afar Women & Youth in Promoting Peace and Economic Development in the Horn of Africa”. The organizers of the conference presented Warren with a recognition ‎plaque to acknowledge his tireless commitment to supporting Afar people everywhere. The inscription on the plaque reads:  ”In recognition of your outstanding humanitarian leadership to raise awareness, alleviate poverty and hunger of Afar people”.

Warren delivers a speech and paper at the bi-annual gathering of the Afar diaspora held in Brussels, Belgium on 29 August 2014

Warren Presents at “CONFÉRENCE DE LA DIASPORA DJIBOUTIENNE” in Ottawa - August 2014

Warren Creates with Leaders of Djibouti opposition groups in exile‎.

Warren presented a paper at this conference held in Ottawa on 2 August 2014. The theme of the conference was the role of the diaspora in building a country. Warren’s paper and presentation was entitled: “The Djibouti Diaspora and Lessons from African Diaspora Experiences”.  Djibouti is ruled by an authoritarian regime which many democratic governments have condemned. Unfortunately, the country produces many refugees who flee because of persecution caused by tribal conflict, political opposition, gender discrimination, and other reasons. Diaspora groups and human rights lawyers, including Warren Creates and Jacqueline Bonisteel, have for years been highlighting the many short-comings and repressive practices of the Djibouti government.

You can watch Warren’s presentation here, and read his paper here.

Warren Create in the Ottawa Citizen – July 2014

Warren Creates Featured in Global National News Story on Syrian Refugee Crisis – June 2014

Warren was interviewed on the Syrian refugee crisis and Canada’s need to do more. Watch here:

Warren Creates Debates Proposed Citizenship Act Changes on CBC Ottawa Morning - February 2014

Warren weighed in on proposed changes to Canada’s Citizenship Act on CBC’s Ottawa Morning radio broadcast. Hear what he had to say here:

Warren Creates Interviewed for CBC national news story – December 2013

Warren Creates is interviewed for CBC National News

Warren was interviewed by the CBC’s Kathy Tomlinson regarding the case of a Filipina nurse denied a Canadian student visa. The story appeared on CBC’s National News broadcast, as well as in print. Read the story at the link below:

Warren Creates Speaks at Afghan-Canadian Candlelight Vigil – December 2013

On December 7th, Afghan Canadians held a vigil on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to mourn 5,000 Afghanis who were killed in the 1970s by the Soviet-backed government. These deaths were only confirmed earlier this year. Warren spoke about the need to hold perpetrators responsible, and the ways in which Canada can play a role. Read the text of Warren’s speech here:

Afghan-Canada Candlelight Vigil – Speech by Warren L. Creates

Warren Creates Presents at Export Seminars – October 2013

Warren presented at the New Exporters to Border States (NEBS) Seminars in Kingston in Ottawa on the different immigration categories available for Canadians doing business in the U.S and how to facilitate smoother entry across the border. Read more here:

Warren Creates Attends Team Ottawa Trade Mission to China – October 2013

Warren with Canadian Governor-General David Johnston and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

In October 2013, Warren traveled to Beijing and Shanghai with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and a delegation of senior business leaders. The mission promoted Ottawa as a preferred Canadian destination for Chinese investment, tourism, education and immigration.  Read more here:

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson Writes Letters of Support for Warren Creates - August 2013

The Honourable Jim Watson has known Warren Creates for many years. He has prepared the letters below to offer his support for Warren and his work for the Ottawa community.

Mayor’s Letter of Support – English

Mayor’s Letter of Support – Chinese

Warren Creates Listed in Best Lawyers International - August 2013

After being nominated by his peers, Warren is now listed in Best Lawyers InternationalRead more here.