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Canada has been called one of the best places in the world for foreign students. The foreign student fees to study in Canada are relatively inexpensive in comparison with other Western countries. Diverse programs of study are available throughout the country at institutions both big and small.

To study in Canada, foreign nationals require a Canadian study permit (i.e. Canadian student visa). Application is usually required in advance of entry to Canada. Canadian study permit applicants must provide proof of enrollment at a Canadian institution, and proof of sufficient funds to support themselves throughout their stay in Canada.

Our experienced immigration law team can assist with preparing strong Canadian study permit applications, seeking extension of status, or pursuing permanent residence in Canada for students. Our expertise can help avoid frustrating delays or damaging refusals.  If you are considering a Canadian student visa, please contact us for more information on our services or to set up a consultation.



Study Permit Application – January 2014

I would like to let you know that my nephew has arrived and joined us here in Ottawa.  He started his school this week.  On behalf of my nephew and myself, thank you very much for your help with the study permit application process! 

-Nam, Vietnam



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