Work Permit – CUSMA Professional – June 2023

My experience with Warren Creates and his team has been very positive. Their advice was very helpful in the process of obtaining a work permit as a CUSMA Professional. His expertise led to an efficient and successful outcome in changing my status in Canada as a former diplomat. I will continue to work with Warren and his team as my future endeavours require additional changes to my status.


Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel – March 2022

We are extremely grateful to Warren Creates and the team for helping us to get our visas approved and get to Canada successfully. When Russia launched a full-scale invasion of our country, Ukraine, my partner and I were fortunate to escape to Poland. However, we were eager to reunite with my family in Canada. At first, there were no programs available to help Ukrainians in this situation, so we reached out to Warren and the team to help us apply for Canadian visas. Each step of the way they were ready to help us and answer any questions we had. When the CUAET program was announced, the team reacted quickly and let us know about all the changes. They always made sure to provide us with multiple solutions whenever there were problems. We want to thank Warren’s Legal Assistant Tammy specifically for her timely responses and for being so friendly to us. We would recommend their services to anyone who needs legal advice on immigrating to Canada.

Dmytro Korkhovyi and Alisa Kravchenko

Permanent Residence – Spousal Sponsorship Application – July 2021

Special thanks to Warren Creates and team (Delainey Ives, Elizabeth Pierman) at Perlaw for their exceptional work helping my wife with her Canadian Permanent Residency application.  The team has been attentive, responsive and delightful to work with over the past several months, and I would heartily recommend their services.  With our Confirmation of Permanent Residency now in hand, due to their efforts, we can now move forward to a better future.

Best wishes.

Robert and Patricia Wheelhouse

Work Permit Applications for Professional Coaches – January 2021

Congratulations are in order for 50 years of legal service by your firm to Ottawa, to Canada, and beyond.  Well done!   You have been an amazing firm and partner to Swimming Canada and your work has made a difference to millions of Canadians.  You may not know this but your work though us has had an impact on other sports across the country.  They often come to us on to get started on something and I often point them in your direction for the right expertise.

Sincerely yours, from a very happy client, and friend.

Ahmed, CEO

Swimming Canada

Successful Refugee Claim (Country of Origin: Cambodia) – January 2021

“I’m very grateful to my lawyer, Mr. Warren Creates and his legal team at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP who have helped me receive Convention Refugee Status within a short period of time. Mr. Creates is professional, experienced, well-organized and meticulous. His services are excellent, trustworthy, fast and efficient.”


Successful Refugee Claim (Country of Origin: Russia) – October 2020

We highly recommend Mr. Warren Creates and his fantastic team as one of the best in handling Refugee and Immigration cases.

Our case as Refugee claimants from Russia was one of the most complicated and intriguing cases.  Most law firms rejected our case and the one lawyer who initially took it on did not know how to solve it. Then we were introduced to Mr. Warren and his team of lawyers and colleagues who made our dream a reality.

His law firm worked on our case meticulously, diligently, tirelessly, and professionally. Their extensive research and commitment to their profession with enthusiasm carried us to the victory line.

I highly recommend Mr. Warren Creates and his law firm for any Refugee and Immigration issues. We are 100% sure of his passion, dedication and professionalism.

Thank you once again for a wonderful job!

Eddi and Nina Omoruyi

COVID-19: Providing Advice on Entry of International Students – September 2020

The field of immigration is a demanding, challenging and often confusing area at the best of times. Given the very difficult circumstances imposed by the current pandemic,  immigration law has now reached a new level of complexity.  Navigating this new landscape has become even more difficult.

To obtain clear and objective guidance, Stanstead College turned again to Warren Creates, Head of the Immigration Law Group at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall in Ottawa, Canada

Mr. Creates’ exceptional knowledge and expertise brought clarity to the various immigration issues faced by our international students and their families. His professionalism and wisdom were tremendously valuable to everyone. In addition, his calm, reassuring yet decisive advice helped our constituents to understand exactly what they needed to do to realize their immigration goals. He went above and beyond our expectations and we benefitted immeasurably from his effective counsel.

We are tremendously appreciative and grateful for all of the fine work that Mr. Creates has done on behalf of our school, for more than 10 years, and we recommend him without reservation.

Michael Wolfe, Head of School

Stanstead College

Permanent Residence (Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds) – August 2020

Mr. Warren Creates is a very talented and well-respected Canadian immigration lawyer. I met him when I was going through a very difficult situation and once contacted, he showed me his professionalism. In my delicate situation, he supported me and made me feel comfortable at every step while handling my case. From his advice and relentless work, I can confidently say that he loves his craft and cares for his clients. He has shown his humanism many times and I will always be grateful to him. He is surrounded by a strong and wonderful team. Each of them has shown exceptional competence, patience and discretion when it comes to answering questions and dealing with my case. Please do not hesitate to contact Warren Creates for your immigration matters. I would recommend him over anyone because he and his team will not only review your file extensively, but they will also offer you services and options specific to your situation in order to achieve positive results.

Kafui Latey

Successful applicant for permanent resident status based upon humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) grounds.

COVID-19: Family Reunification – July 2020

“We had been having great difficultly during these times of COVID  to have the family members of one of our new senior professionals reunited in Canada.  The travel restrictions were proving  to be a very big burden.  Warren and his team looked at our case immediately as soon as we contacted him.  They communicated regularly, meeting our expectations and managing our concerns.  They resolved the matter completely, and promptly in very difficult circumstances.  The family members have all now arrived in Canada, and have been reunited with our senior member.  We are very grateful to his excellent team. They have certainly been very helpful, reassuring, professional and understanding.

Thank you all for this team achievement! We are truly very happy about it.”

Richard Morgan, Executive Director

Commission for Environmental Cooperation

“Three countries — Canada – United States – Mexico — One Environment”

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Exemptions – June 2020

“We are an American company. We do business on both sides of the US-Canada border and have done so for over twenty years. Gaining access to our Canadian customers is critical to us. We have experienced all of the current issues surrounding the “closed border” and the added COVID-19 related restrictions. Despite following all of the rules set forth by the Canadian government, we had issues trying to get our specialized trained technicians into Canada to complete the installation of several large industrial systems that were connected to critical infrastructure and supply chains.  During my two separate attempts trying to deal with the issue ourselves, it was clear that at best it was a hit or miss proposition with border crossing. Odd that a US company would need a Canadian immigration lawyer to help us with this issue, but that was the path recommended to me. During the process of researching a suitable candidate to help us through this situation, Warren’s name came up from several high-profile law firms as the expert in this area. I hired Warren to fix a highly time critical problem that we could not overcome on our own: I had sought exemptions under the COVID-19 travel restrictions to get my workers from the United States into Canada to install industrial equipment. Both times we had been unsuccessful. The matter was urgent. Our business had been blocked and critical supply chains were being affected. Warren and his team went to work on our problem immediately and came up with solid solutions. He audited all our paperwork, found areas that needed to be improved, and coached us to get further documents that we had not realized the need for. He was an excellent listener, did exactly what we needed, and did so with the urgency we had requested. We have now had great success: 3 quick approvals as follows. (i) approvals under NAFTA as after-sales service installers; (ii) approvals as essential service providers; and (iii) approvals entitled to exemptions from quarantine. The border is a very tricky and uncertain place, particularly these days. Warren is clearly knowledgeable, experienced and very well-informed in this area. We have been very satisfied. Our business plans have been able to continue. He exceeded my expectations and continually surprised me in the best of ways. Warren is a talented, creative, and dedicated professional. In short, he and his team delivered! We now have a rock-solid precedent that will change our future immigration needs from hit or miss to highly predictable, which is exactly what I asked for of him in our very first conversation. I highly recommend Warren. He has been and will continue to be our go-to on immigration matters that can otherwise be complicated.”

Bill Bonallo, President / CEO

IST America Corporation

(Entry to Canada and Exemption from Travel Restrictions During COVID-19)

Permanent Residence Application (Express Entry) – October 2018.

I wanted to send a final thank you for all of your hard work and help with regards to my Permanent Residency application. As you know, it appeared I was “stuck” when I first came to you in March. Fast forward 7 months and I’m already back at my desk working as a Permanent Resident and able to watch Brexit unfold from the safety of Canada! You did a great job of explaining the process each step of the way and I really appreciate your patience in answering my many questions. I know I had a tendency to perhaps over analyse each request.

Thank you again for helping me gain my Permanent Residency. If I happen to bump into anyone needing immigration advice I’ll be sure to point them in your direction.

Many thanks,

Jordan  Allen

(Express Entry, Citizen of England)

Professional Sporting Coach Work Permit (Canada)– August 2018

“Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique has been very pleased with the immigration legal services provided by Perley-Robertson, Hill and McDougall LLP – their team are thorough, timely and very efficient from the start of the work permit request through to the presentation of the permit to our sports coach upon arrival in Canada.

Ian Moss

Director, High Performance   

Directeur, haute performance”

NAFTA Intra-Company Transfer Work Permits– July 2015

I want to express the gratitude you deserve for the excellent job your team performed assisting our Company achieve work permits for our project at the Vancouver Airport Authority.  When I met you two years ago at the U.S. Department of Commerce cross-border trade conference in Watertown, New York, (at which you did an excellent job as a conference presenter), I knew you were a results-driven individual. Results are exactly what you provided Hi-Lite when we asked for 8 work permits to be issued in a very short period of time, enabling us to deliver our Vancouver services.  I had previously dealt with various other Canadian immigration lawyers, none who had conducted the work to your high caliber of knowledge and professionalism.  Your team and expertise have proven to be a great asset for Hi-Lite and we look forward to working together again.

Thank You!

– Bob Patel

International Project Coordinator, Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC


Professional Sporting Coach Work Permit (Canada)– July 2015

Thank you!!  Our Head Coach from the United States, Wayne, now has his 2-year work permit for Canada!  We can’t tell you enough how happy and relieved we are.   We finally feel like we can breathe again.  It took us years to recruit this position, but your team made the immigration element quick and seamless.  You are very professional.  We now have hope for the future of our business.  We just can’t thank all of you enough! We highly endorse your Immigration Law Group to anyone and everyone.

– Link & Tammi

Owners, Explosion Gymnastics, Alberta

Family Sponsorship – Spousal Sponsorship – April 2015

Dear Warren, Rovshan, and Karla,  Many thanks!!! Without you, the whole immigration process wouldn’t pass by so smoothly. You did a super great job!!!  Thank you again!

–  Lidiia (Ukraine)

Professional Sporting Coach Work Permit (Canada)– February 2015

We had a time sensitive need to fill a technical coaching position with a top water polo coach from Europe.  Warren and his team completed the job in 2 months.  He quarter-backed the strategy from the start and the documents.  When our coach appeared at the border, the officer indicated that he would deny the application because he thought that we needed a special document from the Quebec government.  Warren and his team were on-call throughout, and intervened on an emergency basis to educate the officer why the work permit should be approved as no Quebec document was needed. After verification of this information, the officer finally agreed.  Warren and his team know the rules, and in our case assisted in informing the officer on the Canadian government programs and rules.  Our case may not have been approved without this superb support from Warren and his team. They made the difference. We are happy to have Warren and his team in our corner working for us!

– Martin Goulet
Executive Director
Water Polo Canada

Professional Sporting Coach Work Permit (Canada)– January 2015

“Bringing a foreign worker to Canada as a professional sporting coach on a work permit can have its challenges, particularly on short notice.  Warren and his team did a wonderful job:  from my initial contact with him to the issuance of the work permit was very fast and entirely seamless.  He coached us, and he coached our new worker.  Warren was highly recommended to us by other national sporting organizations as very knowledgeable in the temporary foreign worker program, and with the nuances for professional sporting coaches and athletes in particular.  He can now add Synchro Canada as one of his satisfied customers.”

– Jackie Buckingham
Synchro Canada

Cross-Border Employee Transfers, International Experience Canada (IEC) – January 2015

Our global organization has had a long-standing relationship with Warren and his team.  They have assisted us with all our immigration needs including employee transfers and new recruits all the while being attentive and thorough throughout the process. They have always done excellent work for us, including recently on a case involving a work permit for a recruit from Ireland.  We had thought we would need to use the LMIA temporary foreign worker program, which has its burdens and delays.  But Warren and his team found a better, faster, smoother and more successful way to bring our new recruit to Canada using the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.  We are very grateful to have such a dedicated team of professionals looking after all our organizational immigration needs.

– Lori Mann
Manager, Human Resources

US National NAFTA Investor, Work Permit (Canada) – January 2015

Warren Creates and his team provided me with excellent advice and services. My case is a NAFTA Investor work permit (American investing in Canada), not very common. Canadian immigration officials do not see many of these applications. I had such permit earlier, but it expired, so when I was coming to Canada again, my request to enter Canada was denied. I hired Warren who intervened while I was at the border, and I was granted entry on the spot. Warren and his team guided me.  My new application for a 2-year work permit for my wife and I was approved very quickly by Canadian immigration officials. I highly recommend Warren. He has 29 years of experience doing this specialized work. He is sharp, conscientious, and accessible, has a quick business mind, and gets things done successfully despite hurdles.

– Alex Severinsky

Spousal Sponsorship Application – November 2014

It has been more than a month I am in Canada now as a permanent resident. Between organizing and transitioning I did not find the time to thank you until now. Here is our sincere thank you from both Liliana and I for your professionalism. Thank you so much!

– Toni Ioneticu

Canadian Experience Class Permanent Residence Application – July 2014

I would like to say thank you very much for all the support in my application for Permanent Residency in Canada. I had tried on my own, and the case was refused.  I then came to you.  You and your team provided excellent help that changed everything.  I just crossed the border to finalize the process and I am currently waiting for CIC to send me my PR card.  Best wishes.

– NC

Foreign Worker Recruitment, Technology Company – June 2014

We are a start-up technology company based in Ottawa.  Recruiting specialized foreign workers, and bringing them to Canada quickly, is critical to our success.  Warren and his team have done remarkable work to guide us through the process numerous times, and to make sure that our business plans are on track with visitor visas and work permits.  The Canadian government has plenty of immigration rules and policies which Warren and his team are very familiar with.  Because of their expertise and focus on client-driven results, I strongly recommend them to any technology company.

– Des Hickey
VP Finance
Solantro Semiconductor Corp.

Professional Athlete Work Permits  – April 2014

Warren and Rovshan, I just wanted to thank you both for all of your wonderful assistance.  I now have all of my foreign professional soccer players in town.  It all worked very nicely. With many thanks for all your help.  Your team is great!!

– Melanie Ireton
Director of Operations
Ottawa Fury Football Club

NAFTA Work Visas  – April 2014

Jacobs Associates is one of the leading tunnel engineering and design firm in the world.  Headquartered in San Francisco, America, we have more than 150 engineers and operate from 17 offices throughout the world.  Warren and his team have for years been providing professional advice and documentation which we have required to successfully get our professional staff into Canada under the provisions of NAFTA for our project consulting work throughout the country.  The immigration rules can be very complicated and challenging.  Warren and his team make the process clear, efficient and successful.  They are very responsive and attentive to the needs of our business, even available 24-7 if our requirements have been off-hours.  I can highly recommend Warren and his team in Ottawa at the Perley-Robertson law firm.  They know the rules, the policy and the nuances, and are very helpful no matter where our workers travel and work.

Denise Thompson
Head of Human Resources
Jacobs Associates
San Francisco, CA United States

U.S. Commercial Service  – April 2014

The U.S. Commercial Service in Ottawa has worked closely with Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP/s.r.l. on numerous trade related projects and events.  Most recently, members of their Immigration Law Team provided keynote presentations during a U.S. Commercial Service hosted webinar titled ‘Temporarily Moving Technicians and other Service Exporters Across the Border’ that outlined key considerations for U.S. technicians and other service exporters when crossing the border to complete after sales warranty repair and installation work.  The presenters were knowledgeable and informative.

U.S. Commercial Service in Ottawa

Seminar Presentation to Business Leaders in Watertown, NY – March 2014

Warren is an exceptional Canadian immigration lawyer who gave a superb presentation to our business leaders here in North Central New York State on 18 March 2014, in Watertown, New York.  Congressman Bill Owens was present and introduced him.  Warren’s topic for our conference was “How to Successfully Get Your Workers into Canada”.  He certainly proved his reputation as a noted expert in his field and as a talented presenter.  He was engaging and informative, covering the topic thoroughly, using examples throughout, and carefully addressing every question from the attendees.  Warren is a pleasure to work with:  attentive, reliable, and persuasive.  He makes the sometimes challenging immigration rules (including NAFTA) understandable, and is practical in his approach and advice.  We couldn’t have been more pleased, and highly recommend that American businesses seeking entry and travel to Canadian markets make use of his expertise.

– David Zembiec
Deputy CEO, Jefferson County Local Development Corporation

Canadian Citizenship Application – February 2014

I heard of your reputation through the lawyer of a friend of mine. I now fully appreciate why your reputation is so richly deserved:  you and your team worked tirelessly and always provided the best professional advice, guidance and personal support. I will forever be in your debt.  My daughter is now attending Queen’s University and I am a happy Canadian thanks to you.


Study Permit Application – January 2014

I would like to let you know that my nephew has arrived and joined us here in Ottawa.  He started his school this week.  On behalf of my nephew and myself, thank you very much for your help with the study permit application process! 

-Nam, Vietnam

Status in Canada for Foreign Coaches – December 2013

Our sincere appreciation for the thorough work that you and your team did to help us secure a top ranked Squash and Racquetball Coach for our Club!  After striking out 3 times with our job search, we were very doubtful that we would ever find the right fit!  Because of your outstanding work and your attention to detail our British coach arrived and has already raised the profile of the sports and created a positive buzz with our members.  Thank you again… we could not have done this without you!

-Jane Proudfoot
Director, Recreation, Sport and Fitness,  The Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada

Canadian Citizenship – October 2013

Moving across the world is never an easy undertaking. Even the decision to leave behind family and a lifetime of friends is a challenge. For me, that decision came in 2003, after I’d worked in Canada for two years. There was no question—I felt in love with the country, the people, the landscape and the way of life. But it came at a cost. I had to go through a lengthy, eight year immigration process without my close knit family by my side. Even so, I did have the best possible people around me. Before meeting Warren Creates and his incredible team at Perley-Roberstson, Hill & McDougall LLP, the road to becoming a Canadian not just in spirit, but on paper, was a daunting task. Through endless interactions with government agents, his team of dedicated professionals guided my every step with authority and solid advice. I am now a wife and mother of four beautiful children and, thanks to Warren Creates, I am proud to say I am Canadian. 

– Jodie, South Africa and Canada

U.S. NAFTA Work Visa – July 2013

I am happy to report that I have not broken your streak of success in obtaining NAFTA work permits.  The Canadian airport officer was satisfiedwith my documents and gave me a 3-year work permit, which is uncommon according to him.  Thanks for all your help. I definitely felt better prepared after our meetings, and having this work permit will make a big difference in my life!”

– Ariela, US Citizen, NAFTA Professional

L-1 Intra-Company Transfer to Canada – July 2013

My application at the border was a success! Thank you so much for putting together such thorough documentation, I was very impressed when I picked it up and the border agent said it was by far the most comprehensive application he had seen. Thank you for all your help throughout the process and for preparing me to attend at the border.

– Megan, USA

Permanent Residence (Canadian Experience Class) – June 2013

I came to the Immigration Law Group at Perley-Robertston, Hill & McDougall when I learned that there were issues with my Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Permanent Residence Application. It looked as though my application would be rejected, but thankfully we were able to overcome the complications. The Immigration Law Group helped me throughout the whole case. Their strong guidance and support made the process much easier and eventually successful.

– Arindam, Bangladesh

Professional Coach Work Permits – April 2013

Warren: Thank you very much for the fantastic work you and your staff are doing to help us with our foreign coaches coming to Canada. To be the best in the world, we need the best coaches in the world here in Canada and with your help we are able to add these coaches to our already world class Canadian coaching fraternity. Your commitment to excellence is truly exceptional.

– Pierre Lafontaine
Former CEO and national Coach – Swimming Natation Canada, CEO of the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport)

Provincial Nominee Program – April 2013

I want to thank you for the successful work that you have done for our technology company. You have helped us under the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program with the international recruitment of a new key member of our workforce. All work was done by you and your team professionally, promptly, and with a caring attention to detail. The case had its many challenges, however, both your strategy and guidance were accurate. Our matter would not have been successful without your team!

– Nisthith Goel
President and CEO Cistel Technology Inc.

Immigration and Refugee Board hearings – March 2013

Warren Creates regularly appeared before me during the time that I was a Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. I was tasked by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to render decisions in regards to refugee claims from many countries of the world. I did this for 10 years. Mr. Creates impressed me as a lawyer who thoroughly prepared his cases and represented his clients with passion and skill. His work has always been diligent and excellent. I admire his competence, devotion to his clients and compassion for his fellow human beings.”

– Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan, C.M., O.Ont.
Member (retired) of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (Refugee Protection Division) for 10 Years

Residency Obligation Appeal Hearing – February 2013

I want to thank you for your hard work and devotion in helping me to win my appeal yesterday. It was the overwhelming support of my family and friends and your team of respected lawyers that got me through this, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always remember your skill and hard work in fighting for me. You all saved my life and I can’t find enough words to thank you. Even when I gave up on myself, you never did, and I praise you for that. There really are good people in this cruel world, and you are at the top of the list!

– Blane, Canada

Professional Coach Work Permits – December 2012

Over the years you and your staff have been a great addition to our Tennis Canada team, helping us to bring all of our foreign professional coaching staff to Canada, and helping to ensure that they can continue to work! There is still much work for us to do, but with your caring and attentive guidance, it is rewarding and motivating for all (players, parents, coaches, administrative staff, board members, government agencies, and external partners) to see that we are on the right path!

– Michael Downey
President & CEO Tennis Canada

New Exporters to Border States (NEBS) Seminar Presentation – October 2012

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for participating and speaking at the export seminar held last week in Ogdensburg, NY. I thought the event went very well and the initial feedback we have received supports that belief. As I move forward in developing future programming for easternOntario, I would love to work with you again.

– Debbie Walker
Director, Community Export Development, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation

Permanent Resident Card Renewal – October 2012

I would like to thank you for your help and support. I received my PR card this morning. It would have not been possible without your professional assistance! The important element of my case is my frequent business travel outside Canada and protracted absences. I will keep track of my travels and will keep you posted. Based on my family travel plans and my business activity, I assume that we will become eligible for Canadian citizenship in March-April next year. I truly hope that you will agree to continue assisting my family at that time too. Kind regards and thank you very much again!

– Anatole, Ukraine

Citizenship Application and Appeal – August 2012

“As a United Nations official, I am required to work outside Canada for a substantial number of days each year. Based on your solid arguments and case preparation, I was granted Canadian citizenship by the Citizenship Judge despite the fact that I was seriously deficient of the standard residency requirements. However, the grant of citizenship was appealed by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and I was required to argue my case, to defend my citizenship, in the Federal Court. You prepared strong and convincing arguments that led the judge of the Federal Court to a convincing decision in my favour. You left no page unturned in understanding my case, preparing submissions, and communicating the legal arguments in my favour. You convinced the Citizenship judge and you again convinced the Federal Court judge. You did so in the most positive and energetic manner. You are an honourable man who stands behind his clients until the end. You and your team members worked with our family professionally, amicably, and with much patience during the entire period of preparation/representation. I am sure many others will benefit from your hard work and great professional representation.”

– Narinder, Sudan

Refugee Claim – August 2012

“I am deeply thankful for your humane support and for your very professional advice every step of the way in my difficult case. Your extensive knowledge and experience in refugee and immigration law is clear. You and your terrific team were able to deliver an outstanding outcome, one that far exceeded my expectations. Because of your help, I now have the opportunity to start my new life in Canada. Thank you so much!”

“Estoy profundamente agradecida por su apoyo humano y asesoria junto al profesionalismo mostrado en cada paso del camino. Su amplio conocimiento y experiencia en el sistema de immigration que usted y su excelente equipo fueron capaces de obtener un resultado excepcional, superando con creces mis expectativas. Gracias a su ayuda, ahora tengo la oportunidad de comenzar mi nueva vida en Canadá. ¡Muchas gracias!”

– Lucia, Mexico

Judicial Review of Refugee Sponsorship – April 2012

“Oh my God, thank you sir. I am so grateful to have worked with you. It has been very hard case, but you did it. On behalf of my family, thank you very much for your hard work. Wow, wow … I cannot explain how happy I am!”

– Zaid, Eritrea

Refugee Claim – 2012

“J’ai reçu votre message de félicitations. Je vous remercie. Je vous remercie aussi de m’avoir représentée. Votre travail acharné a porté fruit. Je suis très reconnaissante envers vous et à l’ensemble de votre cabinet pour la manière dont vous m’avez préparé pour l’audition et pour votre accueil chaleureux. Je vous souhaite plein de succès à vous et à votre cabinet. Avec tous mes remerciements, je vous prie d’agréer, Monsieur, l’assurance de ma parfaite considération.”

– Amina, Djibouti

Foreign Skilled Worker applicant – June 2008

“It is a blessing to be able to have someone who you can trust and feel comfortable with when dealing with issues like this. I know you went above and beyond what was needed to get this done and that was comforting the whole way through…. I am gonna send every one of my clients through you”.

– Rahim, USA

Protection of Uprooted People – September 2006

… “let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. Your passion for the protection of uprooted people has always impressed me. Keep up the great work!”

– Mr. Buti Kale, Senior Protection Officer, United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)