NAFTA Transfers to Canada

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) contains provisions on the cross-border movement of Canadian, American and Mexican citizens. If a worker qualifies as a professional, intra-company transferee or business visitor under a NAFTA visa category (NAFTA L-1, NAFTA TN-1, NAFTA business visitor), the process of obtaining authorization to work in Canada is simplified. For those seeking entry to Canada, no Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is required. Application can be made in person at a port of entry (border crossing).

Our team of immigration law professionals possesses a particular expertise in NAFTA transfers to Canada. We are skilled in evaluating eligibility, preparing applicants and their employers, and assisting with the preparation of strong application packages for NAFTA visas/work statuses in Canada.



NAFTA Intra-Company Transfer Work Permits – July 2015

I want to express the gratitude you deserve for the excellent job your team performed assisting our Company achieve work permits for our project at the Vancouver Airport Authority.  When I met you two years ago at the U.S. Department of Commerce cross-border trade conference in Watertown, New York, (at which you did an excellent job as a conference presenter), I knew you were a results-driven individual. Results are exactly what you provided Hi-Lite when we asked for 8 work permits to be issued in a very short period of time, enabling us to deliver our Vancouver services.  I had previously dealt with various other Canadian immigration lawyers, none who had conducted the work to your high caliber of knowledge and professionalism.  Your team and expertise have proven to be a great asset for Hi-Lite and we look forward to working together again.

Thank You!

– Bob Patel

International Project Coordinator, Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC

US National NAFTA Investor, Work Permit (Canada) – January 2015

Warren Creates and his team provided me with excellent advice and services. My case is a NAFTA Investor work permit (American investing in Canada), not very common. Canadian immigration officials do not see many of these applications. I had such permit earlier, but it expired, so when I was coming to Canada again, my request to enter Canada was denied. I hired Warren who intervened while I was at the border, and I was granted entry on the spot. Warren and his team guided me.  My new application for a 2-year work permit for my wife and I was approved very quickly by Canadian immigration officials. I highly recommend Warren. He has 29 years of experience doing this specialized work. He is sharp, conscientious, and accessible, has a quick business mind, and gets things done successfully despite hurdles.

–          Alex Severinsky

NAFTA Work Visas  – April 2014

Jacobs Associates is one of the leading tunnel engineering and design firm in the world.  Headquartered in San Francisco, America, we have more than 150 engineers and operate from 17 offices throughout the world.  Warren and his team have for years been providing professional advice and documentation which we have required to successfully get our professional staff into Canada under the provisions of NAFTA for our project consulting work throughout the country.  The immigration rules can be very complicated and challenging.  Warren and his team make the process clear, efficient and successful.  They are very responsive and attentive to the needs of our business, even available 24-7 if our requirements have been off-hours.  I can highly recommend Warren and his team in Ottawa at the Perley-Robertson law firm.  They know the rules, the policy and the nuances, and are very helpful no matter where our workers travel and work.

Denise Thompson

Head of Human Resources

Jacobs Associates

San Francisco, CA United States

L-1 Intra-Company Transfer to Canada – July 2013

My application at the border was a success! Thank you so much for putting together such thorough documentation, I was very impressed when I picked it up and the border agent said it was by far the most comprehensive application he had seen. Thank you for all your help throughout the process and for preparing me to attend at the border.

– Megan, USA


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