Canadian Citizenship

Our Immigration Law Group is well-equipped to provide advice and assistance on all aspects of the Canadian citizenship application process. Applying for Canadian citizenship can be complicated by residency questionnaire requirements, eligibility complications, or refusals. Our Canadian citizenship application expertise includes:

–          Appealing citizenship refusals

–          Applying for Canadian citizenship

–          Citizenship interview preparation

–          Citizenship test preparation

–          Determining eligibility for citizenship

–          Dual citizenship

–          Loss of citizenship

–          Residency Questionnaires

–          Residency Requirement for Canadian Citizenship

–          Revocation of citizenship for fraud/misrepresentation



Canadian Citizenship Application – February 2014

I heard of your reputation through the lawyer of a friend of mine. I now fully appreciate why your reputation is so richly deserved:  you and your team worked tirelessly and always provided the best professional advice, guidance and personal support. I will forever be in your debt.  My daughter is now attending Queen’s University and I am a happy Canadian thanks to you.  


Canadian Citizenship – October 2013

Moving across the world is never an easy undertaking. Even the decision to leave behind family and a lifetime of friends is a challenge. For me, that decision came in 2003, after I’d worked in Canada for two years. There was no question—I felt in love with the country, the people, the landscape and the way of life. But it came at a cost. I had to go through a lengthy, eight year immigration process without my close knit family by my side. Even so, I did have the best possible people around me. Before meeting Warren Creates and his incredible team at Perley-Roberstson, Hill & McDougall LLP, the road to becoming a Canadian not just in spirit, but on paper, was a daunting task. Through endless interactions with government agents, his team of dedicated professionals guided my every step with authority and solid advice. I am now a wife and mother of four beautiful children and, thanks to Warren Creates, I am proud to say I am Canadian. 

– Jodie, South Africa and Canada

Citizenship Application and Appeal – August 2012

“As a United Nations official, I am required to work outside Canada for a substantial number of days each year. Based on your solid arguments and case preparation, I was granted Canadian citizenship by the Citizenship Judge despite the fact that I was seriously deficient of the standard residency requirements. However, the grant of citizenship was appealed by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and I was required to argue my case, to defend my citizenship, in the Federal Court. You prepared strong and convincing arguments that led the judge of the Federal Court to a convincing decision in my favour. You left no page unturned in understanding my case, preparing submissions, and communicating the legal arguments in my favour. You convinced the Citizenship judge and you again convinced the Federal Court judge. You did so in the most positive and energetic manner. You are an honourable man who stands behind his clients until the end. You and your team members worked with our family professionally, amicably, and with much patience during the entire period of preparation/representation. I am sure many others will benefit from your hard work and great professional representation.”

–          Narinder, Sudan



From Permanent Resident to Canadian Citizen: A State of Perplexity – Warren Creates & Jacqueline BonisteelNovember 2012

Implications of Canada’s Crackdown on Citizenship Fraud – Warren Creates & Jacqueline Bonisteel20 September 2012

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