Month: April 2020

Consequences of Blocking Immigration During COVID-19

Access the PDF version of this article here. As of 23 April 2020, immigration to the U.S has been suspended for 60 days in an alleged attempt by President Trump to both protect public health and American jobs. This means

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COVID-19 and Immigration to Canada

Access the PDF of this article here. The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive and unprecedented disruption to most business, travel, international study, and migration.  Economists and business leaders, as well as government officials, are all predicting considerable long-term effects.

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Letter from Can-Go Afar Foundation to UNHCR – April 2020

This letter was written to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in response to the dire situation in Eritrea, where recent events have caused concern for the Afar People in both Eritrea and the neighbouring country to which they have fled: