Year: 2012

Can Inadmissibility to Canada be Overcome? The Temporary Resident Permit Explained

Unless your name is Lord Black of Crossharbour, a determination that you are inadmissible to Canada is not easily overcome. Where the Canadian authorities find a permanent resident or foreign national inadmissible, that person must leave Canada, and will not

Implications of Canada’s Crackdown on Citizenship Fraud

This month, Canada’s Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announcedthat the government is in the process of revoking the Canadian citizenship of up to 3,100 citizens who obtained it fraudulently. Furthermore, up to 5,000 permanent residents have had their files

Meeting the Residency Requirement in Applications for Canadian Citizenship

To be granted Canadian citizenship, the law requires a permanent resident to reside in Canada for at least three of the past four years (1095 days). Most courts have called for a flexible approach to this requirement, allowing for longer